It is the policy of Asia Cargo & Packing to continually improve the quality and reliability of our services to ensure they meet our customers needs and all legislative requirements

The achievement of improved quality is the result of management through involvement of all staffWe aim to improve our capabilities through continuos education, training and excellencein all aspects of operation

Acknowledging the importance of our suppliers performance towards achieving our quality aims, we seek to establish a close and constructive relationship with all our suppliers

All employees have a direct influence on the quality of our service we provide and as a result, compliance with the provisions and objectives of this policy are mandatory to all personnel

It is the responsibility of the Managing Director to ensure that the Company’s quality policy is understood, implemented and maintained throughout the Company at all times

It is the Company’s main objective to provide our customers with a consistent high quality service meeting their requirements and the Company’s contractual commitments, thus staying at the forefront of the Freight industry by getting it right the first time and every time

We believe that our Quality Management System, complying with ISO 9002 requirements, will enable us to achieve our policy and objectives